Coremedia 2008 – Rookie Boot Camp


  • A DB which is capable to use character encoding UTF-8. Well suited and used here is Oracle XE
  • Access to the coremedia software. You must have an coremedia account and a valid license to walk through this tutorial.
  • Masochism!

Installation and preparations Step-By-Step

  • Download Coremedia 5.2
  • Start the installer with
    java -jar cap-5.2.1259.jar
  • At the DB-Settings-Dialog enter XE as SID not CM
  • Put the Oracle JDBC-Driver into <INST_DIR>\lib
  • After that go to your Oracle DB and create a ne USER (COREM/COREM) with the Oracle Admin Console
  • Adjust your JAVA_HOME at
    • <INST_DIR>\bin\preconfig.jpif and
    • <INST_DIR>\jakarta-tomcat\bin\preconfig.jpif
  • Start the contentserver with „<INST_DIR>\bin\cm contentserver run“ and examine the output under <INST_DIR>\var\log\contentserver.log
  • Start the coremedia editor with „<INST_DIR>\bin\cm editor start“ and login with admin/admin

Aktivate the sample doctypes

  • Goto <INST_DIR>\config\contentserver\doctypes and open sample-doctypes.xml.
  • Remove the commented out doctypes and save the file.
  • Stop and Start the contentserver and the editor again.
  • Do you see some changes?

Prepare the CAE

  • Generate the „ContentBean“-Classes from the new DocTypes
    • Goto <INST_DIR>\jakarta-tomcat\webapps\contentapplicationengine-template\WEB-INF\lib
    • Start the BeanGenerator with: java -jar beangenerator.jar -d <INST_DIR>\config\contentserver\doctypes\sample-doctypes.xml -o ..\classes -p net.payback -beanmapping ..\spring\cae-contentbeans-test123.xml -generics
    • check ..\spring\cae-contentbeans-test123.xml
  • Compile the classes.
    • Goto <INST_DIR>\jakarta-tomcat\webapps\contentapplicationengine-template\WEB-INF\classes\net\payback
    • Start the compiler: <INST_DIR>\bin\cm javac
  • create a new Directory: <INST_DIR>\jakarta-tomcat\webapps\contentapplicationengine-template\WEB-INF\templates\net.payback
  • Put your first template in: Text.jsp
  • Supply this simple code and save the file:

First Testdrive

  • Prepare Tomcat
    • Goto <INST_DIR>\jakarta-tomcat\conf and open tomcat-users.xml
    • Add the role <role rolename=“manager-gui“/> and associate it with the user tomcat
      <user username=“tomcat“ password=“tomcat“ roles=“tomcat,manager-gui„/>
    • Start Tomcat with <INST_DIR>\jakarta-tomcat\bin\cm httpd run
    • Check the tomcat-manager (http://localhost:8001/manager/html) if the app /contentapplicationengine-template is running.
    • Go to the Coremedia Editor and create a directory „Payback“ and a new resource of type „Text“.
    • Supply a Title and a Text.
    • Save the new resource.
    • While the resource is still selected in the editor hit the blue (i)-Button and copy the id from „ID: coremedia:///cap/content/104“ (example)
    • Now have a look on it here: http://localhost:8001/contentapplicationengine-template/servlet/content/104

    => Next we examine some files underneath the <INST_DIR>\jakarta-tomcat\webapps\contentapplicationengine-template\WEB-INF\ Directory

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